Scavenging is one of the most critical parts to a design of a header. The tubes volume (diameter and length) is chosen to represent a discharge of spent fuel or pulse being discharged from the engine at a given rev range (usually mid to top end), without competing with the next charge. This pulse then enters the collector cone with a greater volume than the surrounding connected pipe(s). This creates a low pressure (or vacuum) at the exit of the next pipe. This vacuum then in turn sucks at the next pulse travelling through the next pipe in the sequence, vacuuming or scavenging the cylinder bore clean. This aids towards an unpolluted cylinder bore, ready for the next clean dose of air fuel mixture.



EVERYONE has an opinion on what constitutes a street car, and the quicker the cars get the more intense the argument becomes; how do you decide what’s street and what’s not? So we thought we would take a leaf out of Hot Rod’s book and create our own version of their successful Drag Week, which pits racer and machine against one of the most gruelling road and track tests imaginable – we call it Street Machine Drag Challenge. It’s the toughest test for street cars in the country. This year we are starting at Adelaide International Raceway on the 13th of November, with the other tracks being Portland, Mildura and Swan Hill, with the final day back at AIR. Read more...




2017 Ford Mustang

Here is our new Performance Exhaust for the current 2016/2017 Ford Mustang. This car has a full 3" Stainless Steel Pacemaker Exhaust and 1 7/8" four into one Ceramic Coated Pacemaker Headers. The full Pacemaker Kit is Australian Made and is available in both Hardtop and Convertible, as well as, both Left Hand and Right Hand Drive. Also a 2 1/2" Version of the Exhaust and 1 3/4" four into one Headers are also available, and these can be purchased from any Great Exhaust Shop in your area.




Toyota 4WD with King Brown System

See for yourself what a difference you can get by bolting on the beautifully designed and manufactured King Brown Performance Exhaust System.


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